Can i cut atarax in half

1 Answer - Posted in: hydroxyzine - Answer: Yes, you can acyclovir ampoules a hydroxyzine pill in half. The tablets are not extended.

cut i can atarax half in

Doc added hydroxyzine for anxiety today It does not work as well as benzos Maybe you can cut the pills in half or have the pdoc prescribe a smaller dose. Originally posted by pgerpup ** I've been taking atarax for the past few I usually cut it in half and take it shortly after dinner rather than wait until bedtime You could try cutting the tablet in quarters and if it doesn't help the.

Depends on the dosage. If you have a 25mg Hydroxyzine HCL white pill, then yes, you can cut it in half. Product name: Atarax Active component: Hydroxyzine Category: hydroxyzine pamoate 25 mg like xanax - can you cut hydroxyzine half.

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