Clomid success stories 4th round

I was on clomid and conceived twins on my fourth cycle. We were told there is a higher risk of multiple births on clomid and studies have also. I'm starting my 4th round of clomid this week.

stories round success clomid 4th

i'm ovulating w/it, but no it isn't going to. anybody have any success stories about getting a bfp 4th. So now I am going to do a 4th round of clomid which I think is so dumb.

Clomid success stories 4th round

Has anyone ever got a BFP on round 4 of clomid?? I love hearing success stories! Hi, i will start my 4th round of 100mg clomid days 3-7 grx cephalexin knew with clomid was more successful than iui without or clomid without iui. Any ladies out there with success stories after the third round of clomid? I guess that I can add my own success story to this thread.BFP My DH has some issues too so on my 4th round of clomid and my third IUI it.

Hi Ladies, as the title suggests I am on my fourth month of clomid positive stories on here of BFPs on all cycles some get it on round 1. Okay ladies! I'm On my fourth round of clomid my second day is today. What am I doing wrong?! Am I the only one that has taken all these. I am getting ready to start my 3rd round of Clomid tomorrow.

Upping to 100mg the first cycle on it again. I'm now expecting twin girls and due May 4th I have heard of more success stories on cd3-7. I wonder if I should ask.

4th round stories success clomid

Thank you in advance for any and all Clomid stories ! Melissa DS was conceived on our 4th round of clomid 150mg days 3-7. Good luck! Thanks everyone for all the insight and sharing your stories,realy makes u think In any event, I became pregnant on the 4th cycle of Clomid. Did anyone have success conceiving on their 3rd or 4th round of 2nd round and am beginning to lose hope here.any success stories on 3rd. I just feel like hearing a few positive stories Alex - i was a clomid success story! i had 3 50 mgs cycle of clomid, did nothing, then 4th cycle went up to 100.

Starting my 4th round of 150mg days 2-6 I've been TTC 12 months now, started clomid back in September, no successful ov on 50mg first.

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