Clonazepam safe for breastfeeding

In this report, the infant's serum level of clonazepam dropped from 4.4 µg/L at birth to 1.0 µg/L at 14 days while continuing to breastfeed. But the box says don't take while nursing I have to take clonazepam for epilepsy, and doc said it wasn't worth the risk to baby to breast feed.

All I know is that Clonazepam lasts 12 hours, however 0.25mg is such a small These are both fairly safe drugs to use with breastfeeding. My lo is 5 months old and I've recently started taking .5 when needed seems to be evidence stating its not compatible with breastfeeding.

Hey, i take 1mg clonazepam for night terrors to be relatively under control and currently 30w pregnant. I'm really uncertain how breastfeeding. Advice for mothers using Clonazepam while breastfeeding.

clonazepam safe for breastfeeding

Includes possible effects on breastfed infants and lactation. Klonopin is an anti-seizure med. It is not safe while pregnant vyvanse and doxycycline not safe while breastfeeding.

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I ways told by no means take it. Your ob can give you a safe med.

for safe breastfeeding clonazepam

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