Dilantin red urine

Phenytoin can temporarily lower the number of white blood cells in your blood, tarry stools, blood in the urine or stools, or pinpoint red spots on your skin. To the Editor.—I read with interest the treatise on phenytoin and red urine (1983;249:1723), since I recently encountered just such a patient and. Dilantin (Phenytoin) can be considered the grandfather of all epilepsy followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads and blisters, Check your blood (or urine) glucose level frequently, as directed by your doctor.

Urology. 1982 Aug;20(2):226.

Dilantin red urine

Effect of Dilantin on color of urine. Rosenberg JW. PMID: 7112841; [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. Publication Types:. Learn about the potential side effects of Dilantin (phenytoin) blisters, hives, or itching; bloating of the abdomen or stomach; blood in the urine or stools; bloody.

I am currently on Dilantin for epilepsy you have provided, you have piroxicam beta ciclodextrina Hematuriawhich is presence of red blood cells in urine. For example, bleeding from the kidney produces dark red urine, whereas neurolep- tic, antiemetic Red-brown Phenytoin (Dilantin) Anticonvulsant Pink, red.

Phenytoin (Dilantin): Theraputic serum Range. 10 to 20 Phenytoin (Dilantin): Side effects/ Adverse reactions -Warn of harmless pinkish red or brown urine. Overdose symptoms may include twitching eye movements, slurred speech, loss of balance, tremor, muscle stiffness or weakness, nausea, vomiting, feeling light-headed, fainting, and slow or shallow breathing. JAMA.

Red urine dilantin

1983 Oct 14;250(14):1842-3. Phenytoin and red urine. Rosenberg JW. PMID: 6620479; [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. Publication Types: Letter.

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