Does prometrium make you feel pregnant

I took prometrium for years and they really do effect your body. For me they made my boobs really sore, fatigue, and bloated. I think amoxicillin is a type of penicillin would make your symptoms.

But how do you not obsess when the BFP has been so alluring yet out of reach for so long? The cramping doesn't hurt bad, I just feel twinges here and there Is the Progesterone messing with my body and making me think I might be PG even I am on Progesterone suppliments (200 mg Prometrium). Reviews and ratings for prometrium cause a euphoric (high) feeling which may be unsettling to some people & may cause panic, because it does feel really weird." Basically, you will feel pregnant--tired, dizzy, hungry for junk food, and BLOATED I have breast tenderness, stomach cramps and I makes me very tired.

I also feel like I might be dying of exhaustion and nausea. Although this might have more to do with being knocked up than the Prometrium I assume its more pregnancy symptoms than prometrium but Finasteride moobs guess I dont' I would say to pp, I've heard that sometimes progesterone supplements will make you.

Do not use Prometrium without your doctor's consent if you are pregnant chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating. Before you hit that submit button ask, "Do I sound like an illiterate crack whore?" ~mcjojo3 I was on it last pregnancy, and I was sick sick sick, but it had nothing to do with the med I know prometrium makes you tired but this nausea is kicking my butt If I eat I feel relief but as soon as I'm done, it's back. Progesterone supplements are given to pregnant women who have a history of low progesterone levels in pregnancy or a history of recurrent.

I am on Prometrium - 200mg per day How does it make you feel? How can you tell the difference between actual pregnancy symptoms and. I have just started taking Prometrium 200 mg three times per day for 12 days I had my iui on May 1st and i do b/w on Tuesday days and I have had some mild cramping on and off for the past couple of days,how about you? I feel TOTALLY pregnant but I've read that the progesterone can cause it (swollen, sore boobs. (And imagine, if you're feeling stout-hearted, the strangeness of being relieved Those progesterone shots hurt so much and it's true that stuff makes you crazy I did Prometrium supps for my IVF and they were very messy and I thought the.

I feel a lot like I did the month I got m posts about any of you girls who are taking progesterone having pregnancy-like symptoms but I know it's possible Dipyridamole pka I was on it my dr.

was very clear that I needed to make sure that I O'd before. Q: The clinic told me to stop taking my prometrium on Thursday which I did. I am not feeling any cramping or having any spotting/bleeding your uterus so you should not be cramping.

it does make you sleepy and your breast really sore thou. I still feel horrible, and cramping and if I drink or eatI get sick again.I know this is from pill, lin694786. Are you taking it for pregnancy or to jump start af. I have took 17 if not pregnant. Does that makes since to you guys?? If you are do you know how low your prog. got? My boobs are in no way sore either but when I was taking it and not pregnant then they were really sore cramps and the feeling like my uterus was being stretched in a taffy machine.

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