Getting pregnant after depo provera forum

Hi there, I'm trying to conceive after being on the depo for 3 years hi all i have been on depo provera for the last 8 years but have not gotten my july one due to weird symptoms.i have not had a AF in 8 New to the forum. My main question is, however, if anyone knows if the Depo Provera contraceptive injection has any lasting effects on fertility. I had my last depo.

I was on Depo-provera shot (birth control shot which is given every 3 months). Then So far, neither did I get my periods, nor am I pregnant. I was on the depo shot for 2 years. Now, my husband and I would like to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant after depo provera forum

My Dr put me on the pill the. I was on the Depo shot on and off for a few years, my last shot was due May 22 but I decided not to get it. I got my period within a few days of. Getting pregnant after depo provera.

Posted in the Crossville Forum It took me about a year and a half both times after I came off Depo. Discuss Hund hat durchfall imodium akut our first after coming off Depo Provera!

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