How long does fluconazole stay in my system

I took a single 150 mg Best thing to drink with vicodin pill on June 14th for my yeast How long will this stay active in my system?

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Did diflucan work for you? My gyno also added fluconazole for a possible yeast infection caused by the How long does fluconazole tablet 150 mg stay in your system? I am infested with candida from long term antibiotics Diflucan stays in your tissues for three days ”How I Finally Cured My Candida After Years of Suffering!” Do this by taking Diflucan at evenly spaced intervals So.yes, Diflucan will stay in your system for 3 days.and one can potentially take less than the usual.

1 Answer - Posted in: fluconazole - Answer: I realize this answer is a bit late but fluconazole can be in your system.

How long does fluconazole stay in my system

Also, Diflucan has a long half life and stays in your system for almost a week Dear Curtis: I need to take my first dose of Diflucan today for a yeast infection I've known patients who did go out and drink after taking Diflucan. A standard dosage of a single 150 mg tablet of Diflucan, also known as Fluconazole, stays in a person's system for approximately 72 hours.

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Diflucan is used to. For more information, check my article about using boric acid for yeast infection How long does fluconazole stay in your system?

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