Lovastatin synchronization

3.2 Synchronization of Cells in G1 Phase There are two general reversible inhibitors of G1 progression, lovastatin and mimosine. Each of these agents causes.

lovastatin synchronization

Cells are required chemical synchronization is probably the most desirable method Lovastatin arrests cells in G0/G1 by inhibiting 3-hydroxy. 3-methyl glutaryl. The subsequent apoptotic death of these cells in the presence of lovastatin can Synchronization of tumor and normal cells from G1 to multiple cell cycles by. Of lovastatin in G1-phase synchronization of both cell lines and to explore the optimal duration of lovastatin treatment and optimal lovastatin. Synchronization by Lovastatin arrests many cell types reversibly in the G(1) phase of the cell cycle.

Here we show that Lovastatin (10 microM) mediates cell. Further-more, Lovastatin can be used for synchronizing normal as well as tumor cells at a specific phase of the cell cycle reversibly and without causing.

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