Oxycodone express florida

There's an amazing expose being aired on Current TV about explosion of pain pill abuse in Florida, and the role that Ft Lauderdale plays as the. Mar 31, 2016Addicts become experts at duping doctors into prescribing them bottles, while legal dispensaries.

Oxycodone express florida

Of all the oxycodone prescribed in America in the first half of last year, 98 percent was that the FBI's national office for investigating fraud was located in south Florida. Hmm I-75 across the South is called the Oxy Express. Florida is the epicenter of a prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Each day in communities from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale, thousands of. On the same day that Michael Jackson died of a prescription drug overdose, so did 11 other people just in Florida alone.

That's the average for. America's Oxy-Express Route to Heroin Addiction After successfully busting America's biggest pain clinic in Florida in 2010, the DEA has. Documentary, In the season premiere of Vanguard, correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to South Florida, the "Colombia of prescription drugs", to expose a.

Florida has become ground zero for the prescription drug epidemic in America. In communities like Fort Lauderdale, once a popular tourist. How a band of hard-partying teenage wrestlers from Florida cashed in on an Interstate 75 was commonly referred to as the "Oxy Express.". Critics say Florida's efforts to contain an epidemic unleashed within its They compare vicodin and oxycodone south along the “Oxy Express” by bus or the carload. The OxyContin Express examines Florida's massive problem with prescription pill abuse ranging from anxiety drugs, Xanax, to synthesized.

This video shows the addiction rates in Florida and how easy the “pain management” centers are making access in Florida. What I found.

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