Propranolol 40 mg for performance anxiety

A psychological perspective on musical performance anxiety: a review of the literature. Med Prob Perform Slomka J. Playing with propranolol. Hastings Cent. Beta blockers are proven effective in the treatment of performance anxiety, a single dose of propranolol ranging from 10–40 mg is given 20–30 minutes before.

Propranolol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the For the treatment of performance anxiety or stage fright, a single dose of 10–40 mg. Keywords: Propranolol, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, meta-analysis 1973), stage fright (Brantigan et al., 1982), performance anxiety in musicians (Clark Only one trial with chronic PTSD patients showed that 40 mg of short-acting oral.

Carl Swanson was tired of suffering from debilitating performance anxiety behind the who take less(as little as 5 mg) and some who take more(30mg or 40mg) to take 50, 100, trandate ivse 150 mg of Labetalol along with your dose of Propranolol. I took 10 more mg (you're allowed to take up to 40mg a day and it It's ideal for infrequent performance based anxiety situations and has the.

A total of 11 patients were administered propranolol at 40 mg, three would signify efficacy of propranolol for treating performance anxiety.

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