Side effects of indomethacin indocin

Indomethacin is used to relieve pain, swelling, and joint stiffness caused by arthritis, gout, bursitis, and tendonitis.

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It is also tretinoin for redness to relieve pain from various other. Stop taking indomethacin and seek medical attention or call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects: chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, problems with vision or balance; black, bloody, or tarry stools; coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds.

Consumer information about the medication INDOMETHACIN - ORAL (Indocin), includes side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, and storage. Indomethacin 25 mg-MYL Extended-release indomethacin (Indocin SR) should not be used to treat What are the possible side effects of indomethacin? Medscape - Arthritis and pain dosing for Indocin, Tivorbex (indomethacin), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications. Indomethacin oral capsules are used to treat various types of arthritis.

Learn how it works, its side effects, warnings, interactions, and more.

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