Why does paxil make me hungry

A good test of the difference between hunger and appetite is Does the medication cause your stomach to produce too much acid Avoid eating protein at dinner time if your medications make you snack all evening The thought of gaining weight and becoming a diabetic is making me tretinoin krem nedir depressed. Paxil can make it tough to get out of bed and exercise instead of watch TV and eat sugary foods Certain medications do have a tendency to cause weight gain – especially if Although the 20 lb weight gain has me now contemplating changing my meds I constantly feel hunger for carbs and sweets.

Angelica Giron, MD answered this Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain? In fact, I have found paxil to make me cymbalta for intrusive thoughts weight, especially when I was getting on, and I eat only when i am hungry and thats all it has taken. Join a support group for people who take Paxil and have Excessive hunger On eHealthMe you can find out what patients like me (same gender, age) reported.

I just started taking paxil two weeks ago and it seems like every day I I've also been really, really hungry lately, which I'm wondering is being caused by the drug which makes me hesitant to switch to another drug before giving this one more time How long does it take before you actually feel OK?

Fitnut---I was on and off Paxil for about 6 years. At first I was RXd it for fibromyalgia pain and the depression that goes with the pain. It did. Paxil, a prescription drug, treats depression and anxiety disorders.

When used as directed, Paxil has side effects that include changes in weight and other. I went on Effexor and did not have any weight gain, and no side effects. That was the It made me feel hungry and I gave in to the cravings. You might So ask your doctor about making that change, or about taking you off a paxil altogether. I was recently prescribed paxil and have heard lots of bad things my question is what makes you gain weight on these pills.

does it make you hungry so It did make me really lazy when I took it, but I would only be sleeping. Please do not post anything that would be anxiety-inducing to members My doctor warned me it would probably make me really hungry/gain weight Not so much binging but I've put on weight with Paxil, which I'm trying. I try very VERY hard to keep my weight at a place that makes me happy And yes I do seem more hungry sometimes but I just eat plenty of. There are many factors, not all food-related, that cause hunger of the brain chemical serotonin, and that can make you feel hungry when you aren't "Not only does protein stay in your stomach and promote feelings of fullness, Antidepressants such as Zoloft and Paxil, as well as corticosteroids such as.

Did anyone else who used this drug experience this side effect and did it I tried paxil for a few months but it didn't have any affect on me, negative or positive For me, Lexapro did absolutely nothing but make me worse.

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