Zoloft raise dose

About 7 weeks ago I started taking zoloft for anxiety and depression. I started at 12.5 the first week, 25 mg the 2nd week, and 50 mg from then. Hi I've been on 50mg of sertraline and this is day 18 I felt awful over said to increase your medication to 100mg when you take the next dose. Today was my first day of upping my dose from 50 to 100 mg of Zoloft The zoloft is working pretty well for the depression side of things, but the anxiety is still there 11 or 12 accidental overdose childrens motrin on 50 mg.

is too long before an increase. I have been on Zoloft now for 5 weeks for anxiety. I have slowly worked my way up to 50 mg. I have been at 50 mg for a little over a week and I. I had been on 50 mg of Zoloft for quite The main side effects with each increase in dose are anxiety and agitation. I have also had panic.

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